june media cinematography – project one

during times of economic hardship for many regions in the world, including bremerhaven – people are divided and challenged. communities are stressed, unity and tolerance are no longer strong points, preventing culture & humanity to go forward in a positive direction. the director, rainer june decided to document the creative work between a local dj crew – the boogee munstaz & a rapper from the usa, crash.
before long, he got bremerhaven filmmaker max duda (dudafilm) interested in contributing to the project.

This is the first music video to Project1. Upon completion in 2012 the video was aired in 2013. The team had pentily of fun with the making of this video and has projects in the making.


the team and cast of PROJECT ONE is a blend of young people from various cultural and ethnic backgrounds. music is the universal language which unites the main characters. during this experience – the production of PROJECT ONE – we learned a great deal from each other and rediscovered what makes people great – the ability of people from various cultures to come together for a creative process and enjoy life with respect for one another.

Special thanks to Sreyas Krishnan aka “Hollidayrain” & Kaine “Traxx” Shutler for the track “In Your Eyes”
Be sure to check them out: Sreyas Krishnan at:

Kaine Shutler / kaine@bassexplorer.com at:


•Genre: music documentary
•Director: Rainer June
•Director of Photography: Max Duda
• Cast: Boogee Munstaz ( DJ Dimi / M. Marske & Loco Garcia / P. Spitzmacher, BHV) & Rapper Crash ( T. French-Joseph, USA)
•Running time: 38 Min.
• PG: 16
•Production: June Media / Dudafilm
•TV Premiere: 08.06.2013 / Radio Weser TV Bremerhaven, DE

Project One – 2 cultures come together from June Media Lab on Vimeo.