culinary inspiration edinburgh scotland

travelling to edinburgh, scotland was one of the most memorable euro-trips. you get on a plane and in just two hours, you arrive in another country where the people speak not just english but a much older language – gaelic. traditions are deeply woven into the culture like warm, wool quilts. comparing americans to the scottish, it appears that scottish people are more reserved yet when they smile and invite you in, it comes from the heart. the whiskey is strong and smokey and the pubs we visited were dominated by men, although pubs here resemble less a bar than a living-room, with fireplaces, opulent mouldings and antique decor and usually a menu with traditional food. above, you find a small selection of photographs that we took on our edinburgh culinary trip. look below for a few recipes that we have tried out and that are unmistakably scottish! have you tried any of these recipes yourself? drop us a line or send a pic!


easy carrot & coriander soup

steamed mussels with tomatoes and wine

hogmanay steak pie

haggis, neeps & tatties

baked scotch eggs

minty marshmallows – delish in hot chocolate